Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Light Changes

We were driving back from Shillong in January, 
when we stopped, hypnotized by this Sun setting in the womb of the mountains.
Entire forests were aflame in it's stillness, 
all of the sky trying to hold on to one lasting embrace 
in that tormented moment of parting.
Inhale. Exhale.
Say a little prayer. 
May You, Allow Yourself, to Sing your Song.

Friday, April 17, 2015

The Cosmic Mother

Watercolours on paper. 2015 March.
This post - a little offering to the Mother, to you, to Love and to the Light.


 I end this post with a Rumi I read today:
" Late, by myself, in the boat of myself,
no light and no land anywhere,
cloudcover thick. I try to stay
just above the surface, yet I'm already under
and living within the ocean." 
Feels strange and fantastic to be posting here at my Light of Love.
I hope to reconnect, with me and with you.
All over again.
*All photos from the "Gajan" procession ~ a carnival costume party that runs through the city as part of the culmination day of the week long festivities dedicated to Shiva and the Divine Feminine. 
Gajan is said to be the wedding night of Shiva and HaraKali.*

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Kolkata Home studio

Hello people! It feels surreal to be blogging after almost a year here. First of all, I owe a huge apology to all of you patient readers, those who have written to me asking when am I going to come back to blogging and all of you who may have silently followed this page all this while. This post is my warm invitation for you to enjoy what a part of me has been dedicatedly honing ~ my modest workspace in our Kolkata home that is filled with memories and little things that make me tick ~ my favourite artists, core inspirations, souvenirs collected from our travels over the years, books and, of course, my art supplies.
Bienvenue: Textile patches collected over the years from our travels embellish and add bold Indian colours to the otherwise white entrance door. Hand-embroidered patches collected from the Lambani (gypsy) women of Karnataka were picked up at the Anjuna flea market in Goa way back when we lived in Mumbai. Kutch needle work on bags and potlis, vintage tribal textile panels from the Hmong province in China (that I found online) add the bohemian touch and some are fond reminders of some very fun India trips.
Years of living in Switzerland with the strictest apartment-wall-drilling regulations kept us from hanging wall art. I have been collecting over time ~ hoping to be able to surround myself with works from my Guru and fellow artists someday! The result is this black and white wall, with works from Sir (Ramen Kastha, my printmaking mentor), a woodcut from his Guru Pinaki Barua, digital printed calendar from Maheswari Janarthanan and a stunning charcoal drawing crow print that was a gift from the amazing Priya Sebastian.
Here is a closer look at images from the respective artists' websites.
Another artist/photographer/blogger (who is also my collector now, yay!) who I had to keep close to me is Archana Srinivas. Her blog posts from India kept alive the smells of jasmines and frangipani, the swirls of steam over chai and the warmth of the Indian sun on red tiled floors from thousands of miles away, even when we were cold ensconced in the Swiss snow. I brought home several of her beautiful photograph prints, for me, her imagery is alive with soul :) (click here to visit her flickr and see the original). This is her 'Lamp of Faith' print (of course with the reflection on the frame).
This antique porcelain Tara statuette and the Lithograph were lucky finds in a Kolkata store. Kali was the first commission that I worked on for several months in this studio and books on the Goddess steadily made their way into my studio during that time. (My next post will be on the Kali commission)
Saraswati print by Raja Ravi Varma. On my table sits an ArtnLight lotus pond tray by another artist/blogger I love and admire ~ Vineeta Nair. She has been a huge inspiration & support  over the years. The coloured bird paper cutters are finds from a flea market in Geneva.
The Mahogany armoire ~ a blessing from my beautiful Thamma (grandmother). The drawing table arrived from our ancestral home as a housewarming gift from parents :) - it has a beautiful lotus bud motif that is hiding under the table cloth at the moment. I would paint on this on my recent trips there, delightful to have it here. The parrot on one corner was a birthday gift from my mentor - he tucked a paintbrush into it's beaks and it came all the way from Bangladesh! 
This elaborate Burma teak antique bookshelf was serendipity in one of the old furniture bazaars here in Kolkata. We fell in love with the two dancing fairies with very Bengali faces on the top half moon. It temporarily housed my modest doll collection - which eventually moved to the two studio wall shelves.
 It is the little things that make the biggest difference ~ the smell of dhuni and jasmines, the warm glow of the setting Sun over the city, the melody of the kokeel, the sweet Kolkata breeze from the Southern windows, the warm balconies flooded with blessings on Full moon nights.
This post cannot be complete without a photograph of the first painting that was born here ~ of the Universal Cosmic Mother ~ Maa Kali. (Photograph from a photo shoot at my studio for Indigo by Byloom, Kolkata). I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did making it. Thank you for your benevolent support. Love and Light, Dithi.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

'Kalighat' & Lithography

My first printmaking work post our return to India is dedicated to the one place so close to my heart - the place where a new path unfolded, a place that inspires me relentlessly, given me my Maa, my Guru, my Karma and healed me from the core - Kalighat. Here are some snaps from the neighbourhood and from the process in the studio.


Title: Kalighat
Medium: Polyester Lithography (9 plates) and screen print
Size: Paper: 38 cm x 28 cm; Image: 28 cm x 20 cm (app.)
Edition of 9 prints
For Inquiries, write to :